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slidedeck2 slider wordpress plugin review

So you need an easy to set up image slider? here it is the solution SlideDeck 2.
SlideDeck 2 is a wordpress plugin wich allow you to create sliders using images, video, text, and even custom HTML.

It’s ideal to show your photos (find an example below) from different sources (instagram, flickr,…),
you can also use it to show your customers product features, make an online presentation,…

A cool way to spice up your wordpress website without extra programming.

In less than two minutes I’ve included the slider with my instagram photos, SlideDeck 2 managed everything including the authorization process with instagram.
Then I only had to choose how many photos I want to display and insert into my post using the wordpress post editor.

[SlideDeck2 id=3806]

SlideDeck 2 is simple, powerful and easy to customize.

In the example I had to customize the width of my slider because of the width of the container, you can choose from predefined widths or type your own dimensions.

slidedeck2 customization
slidedeck2 customization

The «lenses» are predefined themes for your slider, you can choose from a wide range of them, and if you need more
personalization you can program one to match your style.

slidedeck2 lenses
slidedeck2 lenses

In the following example I’ve used SlideDeck2 to show product features, with images and text.

[SlideDeck2 id=3820]


And the last example, combining my 500px and flickr photos.

[SlideDeck2 id=3826]


I you like it , get more info and pricing by clicking on the baner below.

SlideDeck.js | Beautiful jQuery sliders in minutes